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Someone recently asked me if using the word witch in my organization or as a label ever deters people from working with me and the truth is, there will always be some level of conflict with that word as long as it stays out of public knowledge and only viewed within the narrow Judeo Christian angle that most people in Western civilization are familiar with the word from.

My ultimate goal, my higher goal, the one that has nothing to do with money or careers, is to make magic common knowledge. To show spiritual people that we all do witchcraft whether we know it or not, whether we are in a religion that refers to its practitioners as witches or not in any religion at all. And to show how spirituality and spiritual practices, are, in fact, supported by understanding how real magic is influenced by psychology, science, and philosophy.

While the definition of witchcraft may differ depending on which witch you ask, I actually like the standard dictionary definition, which says that witchcraft is the practice of influencing outcomes through supernatural means. That's it. Literally.

Under that definition, I’d argue that pretty much any spiritual person can, at base value, own the word “witch”. But as a witch, observing this environment, I believe that a witch is someone who practices witchcraft on purpose, not incidentally.

Witchcraft could be a practice passed down from a tradition or religion, or completely self-made. Some practices are extensive and well developed, and some are just personal, flexible or somewhat undefined. Some are a combination thereof. But what they all share, what they all have in common, is that they influence outcomes through supernatural means ON PURPOSE.

There's nothing scary or evil about that, about witchcraft or witches. Witchcraft, being a practice without unified doctrine or dogma, is, by nature, neutral. It's the heart of a person that defines how they show up in the world, the spiritual tools they may use are just that. Tools. Tools that can be used to develop the wonder, and power, and magic in an individual. But tools, none the less.

This is my message and I have seen that my philosophy seems to resonate with many other spiritually developing people, even if they haven’t developed their own words to clarify these core concepts. CityWitches can facilitate that growth by giving many people the opportunity to share their version of magic.

With the rising popularity of the word witch, being at the forefront of that movement, helping to define that movement, is going to leave a hell of a legacy for anyone involved. The CityWitches platform is my contribution to that movement.