Joshua Mollet

Social Community Liaison
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Joshua was born in Prescott AZ but soon moved and lived in Show Low AZ until 2000. There he
graduated from Show Low High School. He was very active in his church’s youth group and the president
of the Bible Club and Prayer Group in High School for many years. He later attended one year of school
of ministry with his church in this mountain town in Arizona.
In 2000 he joined a hippy and street kid ministry based in Haight Ashbury San Francisco for many
months. This ministry had a discipleship ranch 4 hours north in the red woods of Northern California
where he lived with them and ministered to the people coming in from all walks of life. From there,
Joshua moved to Redding California to join a specific church named Bethel Church. There he was taught
how to develop his spiritual senses; such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to name a
few. He learned how to prophecy to people. He later attended their ministry school as well called School
of Supernatural Ministry for a year. After five years of being part of this ministry and living in Redding
CA, he moved down to Sacramento CA. This is where he met several like-minded individuals that
exposed him to the Renewal Wicca movement. He learned from his teachers about crystals, the tarot
deck and astrology.
After many years in Sacramento, he felt it was time to be closer to his family. He packed up his car and
cat in his Honda and drove across the country. He settled in Northern Virginia for several years before
he moved into the District of Columbia. Here he has lived for over a decade. In DC he has had many
experiences with ghosts, spiritual readings for family, friends and perfect strangers and even obtaining
his level one attunement with Reiki.
He joined City Witches many years ago after meeting Teighe at a birthday house party. Teighe invited
him to his first new moon ritual, of which he was very reluctant to attend. Joshua was just coming back
into spirituality after a sabbatical of many years. Slowly he worked his way up the leadership ladder in
our organization. Joshua is now a Council Member and even is the leader of CityWitches Mediums
where he teaches and trains other developing mediums with their abilities. He also leads Moon Rituals
on his own and with partnerships with other leaders, he plans events and outings with the people in our
organization and leads a group about exploring the writings and teachings in a book club dedicated to
Edgar Cayce.
Joshua is happily single and lives in Mt Pleasant DC. His cat unfortunately had to be given away to his
older brother.
Joshua Mollet